How old does a child need to be to participate as an actor in a Connie Company production?

The age varies according to our productions, but most of our young actors are between the ages of 6 and 18.


Does a child need to have experience to participate?

No! Experience is wonderful and appreciated, but not necessary. Bring a willingness to learn, a great attitude, and your best skills and we can find a place for you.


Will my child have to miss school to participate as a Connie Company actor?

We typically do not perform Connie Company productions during school hours. If there is an exception, you will know at the auditions.


To what age are Connie Company productions geared?

Most of our youth productions are appropriate for young people age 4 – 14. There may be certain productions that are aimed at a more targeted age and this will be noted.  If you do bring a younger child and he or she becomes disruptive, we ask that you simply remove him or her from the theatre so that others may enjoy the show. Our ushers will help reseat you whenever your child is ready.


Do you offer scholarships for your classes and camps?

Yes! We do have a limited number of need-based scholarships available. For more information, call 704-892-7953 or email us at


How do I register for camps and classes?

You may register on this website by clicking index.php


My child is interested in theatre, but is afraid to be on stage. Are there other ways to participate?

Absolutely! We have a variety of classes and camps geared toward building the self-confidence necessary to perform on stage.  In addition, there are behind the scenes opportunities for children ages 12 and up. 

At the end of the classes and camps when the children share what they have learned, who can attend the performance?

Feel free to bring friends, family and neighbors - the more the merrier.