Remember the Davidson Community Players in your estate plans

Community theatre enriches the lives of those who take an active part in it, as well as those in the community who benefit from live theatre productions. On either side of the footlights, those involved represent a diversity of age, culture, life experience, and a strong appreciation of the importance of the arts. --American Associaiton of Community Theatre


Charitable bequests are gifts made through your will or living trust to charity. A bequest can be a wonderful opportunity to support the work of Davidson Community Players.  It is a living legacy of your passion, love, and support for the future of high quality theatre in our community.
If you would like more information, please contact the Executive Director, Matt or 704-892-7953.


Bequests make a tangible impact on the future of Davidson Community Players and for the next generation of theatre patrons in our community. A bequest will help the theatre develop new works, stage classics, and produce a range of community partnerships and education initiatives that create opportunities for our audiences to experience new ways of thinking and responding to the world.

Bequests allow you to distribute your assets to the theatre in the manner most appropriate to your circumstances. You can specify a dollar amount, a percentage of the estate or the residual part of the estate, as well as make the gift contingent on specific future events.

Bequests do not reduce current assets. Many patrons want to make a greater effort to support our Theatre, but are not in a position to do so right now.   A gift by will or living trust means that you have all of your assets available for any needs that might arise.   A bequest means that you make the gift when you no longer need to have the funds available.  Bequests can be made after taking care of other obligations.

Bequests may reduce estate taxes. Giving a charitable bequest can decrease the size of your estate and possibly reduce your estate taxes. (Please consult your tax professional or estate planner for details.)

Bequests can be easily modified at any time until death. If your circumstances change, you can easily modify your will at any time. Changes can be made inexpensively by drafting a new will or living trust or by amending your existing document.

Making a decision to include the Theatre in your estate plans is a personal choice. There are a number of bequest options that you can include in your will or living trust to help you instruct your family and friends on what to do with the assets that you have accumulated in this life.

As a special offer for those who choose to remember Davidson Community Players in their estate plans, the McIntosh Law Firm will construct a legal will for a minimal rate.    For more information, please contact us at 704-892-7953 and we will help in any way we can.